The butter stick type


The butter stick type is basically butter in a glue stick form. Is it just another strange invention or is it easy appliance? So I started to search Google for more information on the butter stick and there really isn’t much to find about the inventor and more about the products. There are however sites that answer questions such as “How much butter is in one glue stick?” and “Where can I buy a butter stick”. After a long search I found out that Micheal Apeness stole the idea from Luke Moon in 1867. Luke moon invented the butter stick during a game of cricket. He needed and founded a quick way to butter the scones during the tea brake. His team mate Micheal decide to take the idea and created its own company. Personally I think this idea is a big failure due to the simple fact that my mind tells me come on America, putting butter on with a knife is really not that hard. Have we really become this lazy?

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